The Bamboo Tree - Growth through learning


buy Tastylia online without prescription The Bamboo Tree is a consulting company specialising in the growth and development of individuals and organisations.


enter Specialists in learning and development strategies, we focus on behavioural change for the individual and the overall culture of an organisation.

single frauen ab 55 Committed to working closely with our clients, we ensure that any initiative undertaken is aligned with the values of the company.

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We chose the name of our company based on the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree The Chinese bamboo tree is planted after the earth is prepared, and for the first four years, all of the growth is underground. The only thing visible above the ground is a little bulb with a small shoot coming out of it. Each year the tree is fertilised, cultivated, and watered and still no growth is visible. Then, in the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows up to thirty metres in six weeks.

We take the time to get to know the businesses we work with. Our goal is to engage people’s hearts as well as their minds and for this we need to have insight into the culture…